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Kelly Jo JohnsonThis native of Michigan folkin' rocks the streets of New York City! Kelly Jo has been performing in many hoods of Manhattan for a couple years now and has just recently recorded her first EP, "A Taste of What's to Come".

Kelly Jo grew up in Cambria, a smaller than tiny town in southern Michigan. Growing up on country backroads, listening to her Grandma's handed down record collection of Elvis, Bobby Vinton, and Peggy Lee, Kelly Jo had always aspired to perform herself. She moved to NYC in 1998 to check out the lights. Kelly Jo has been a writer since 9 years of age... constantly urged to keep a journal, explore poetry, paint, create, etc. It wasn't until senior year in college, at the New School, that she learned to play the guitar. After college, she travelled Europe with her best friend, her acoustic, for a few months. Returning to the States with a handful of new songs, she took to open mics, and benefit performances at random for a couple of years. It wasn't until 2006 that she started performing in public on a regular basis, booking most of her shows in the East Village area. She started her perfomance run with a percussionist, Kevin Koch (AKA the Kochman). After dabbling a bit with a full band (Kelly Jo and the Preverts), she is currently exploring solo performance and studio recording. Her sound is unique, whimsical, melodic, soothing, and sometimes... downright funny!



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